How it Work

Builder And Loan Service Work

Take a look to learn just how easy it is to unlock your funding. Trust us, money lending and borrowing has never been this simple, equitable, and fair!

Our loan service is divided into a fast and simple two-step process to ensure that you gain access to the funds that you need quickly and easily.

Step 1. Direct Credit Builder Program. This program allows customers with BAD CREDIT to easily build their own line of credit up to $5000.00. In addition, this program also offers exclusive cash incentives to help increase your credit limit.

Step 2. Unsecured Loan Program. After you have built credit with us, you can easily withdraw the cash you need from your personal line of credit. It’s that simple.

How Our Direct Credit Builder Program Works:


Our comprehensive Direct Credit Builder Program is simple, effective, and extremely rewarding. In minutes, you can begin building your personal line of credit.

Step 1. Put down a non-refundable application fee of $95.00

Step 2. Complete a series of 10 loans.

(Note.) You’ll begin our Direct Credit Builder Program with a $200.00 credit limit.

From there, this amount will be deposited into a secured savings account with us.

You won’t receive any money until you’ve completed step 1-3 of the Direct Credit Builder Program.

  The required 10 loans and their repayment consists of processing and interest fees, which are carefully broken down into a total of 5 easy payments. This gives you the convenience to build your personal line of credit at your own pace, Quickly or in smaller portions. From there, you can choose from our convenient and affordable payment options to ensure that your budget is never in jeopardy.

Step 3. After you completed five (5) loans, your credit limit will increase to $500.00!

(Note.) Don’t forget, you always have the option to withdraw money from your personal line of credit whenever you’d like.

Step 4. After you’ve completed the next five (5 loans, your credit limit will increase to $1000.00!

Special Bonus

Finally, a company that truly rewards its customers is here and ready to work with you today. To say “thank you” to our customers, we’re happy to provide you with an amazing bonus. For every thousand dollars you build through CV FINANCIAL’S Direct Credit Builder program, you’ll receive $150.00 cash back up to a total of $750.00!

This is simply just a way for us to explain just how much we value your business with us.


How Our Unsecured Loan Program Works:


Now!, take a look to follow our step by step guide. You’ll receive your funds in no time at all.

Step 1. Once you have built your desired credit limit through our Direct Credit Builder program ($500-$5,000 ), simply make your loan request by going online to to access the cash you need.

Step 2. You’ll receive a check in the mail within three (3) business days!

Although there are faster delivery options for an additional fee, our standard shipping time is 3 business days.

Step 3. Pay off your personal line of credit within one year.

Step 4. Customers with an open balance are billed a financial charge, which is part of the Unsecured Loan Program.

Payments are required twice a month on the 1st and 15th.


Once you’re enrolled in our Unsecured Loan Program, you’ll receive a $10 discount off of your finance charge each time a payment is completed on-time.

*Special Bonus*

At CV FINANCIAL GROUP, we always honor our customers’ business. Continue to receive cash back rewards of up to $150.00 quarterly and up to $600.00 annually for an account with an on-time payment history! This is how we chose to pay our customers back.


Must provide;

  • Picture ID
  • Proof of Income
  • Social Security Card
  • $95.00 Non-refundable Application Fee

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